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Guilor™ Premium One-Press Guitar Chord Practice

The easiest and most effective guitar learning system!
Now everybody can play guitar.


As soon as the One-Press Chord is properly attached to your acoustic or electric guitar, you will be making music! Within a few weeks, you’ll begin removing some of the tabs and making the chords on your own. In two months, you’ll be able to play the guitar without this tool.

This system works on full or 3/4 size acoustic and electric guitars and helps you make the C, D, G, & E minor Chords.


  • You just found the easiest way to learn guitar: This innovative guitar learning system.
  • Adults or children, young or old, anyone can quickly and easily learn to play guitar. One-Press Guitar makes it possible to pick up a guitar and start playing songs in no time.
  • Play 4-chord songs in G major with no problem at all (One-Press Guitar uses: G, D, C, and E minor Chords).
  • Remove the color-coded tabs when you are ready to start playing chords on the strings to help you start playing the guitar all on your own.

Package Includes:

  • 1 * One-Press Guitar Chord Practice.