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Guilor™ Premium Pocket Guitar Trainers with Chord Screen



Do you always find yourself strumming an imaginary guitar whenever you hear a song? Or do you always want to practice your guitar skills but can’t bring your guitar everywhere? No worries! We made it a whole lot easier for you! The Digital Guitar Trainer provides you with genuine guitar playing experience you need!


  • Exercise 1:
    Practice your finger one by one string, for example: From bass to treble or from low to high.
  • Exercise 2:
    Practice your finger on a single string, for example: From one fret to 4/6 fret
  • Exercise 3: Practice chord patterns
    You can press down on the strings. and make your fingers stronger.
    This is a decent device that lets you practice guitar chords and fingerwork when you can't play with your actual guitar     


  • GENUINE STEEL STRINGS: Equipped with genuine guitar steel strings help guitar players to build calluses, and the tension of the strings can be adjusted with the tool included in the package.
  • PRACTICE WITH A METRONOME: There is a metronome inside the device so players can learn the chords with a customized tempo. It’s a quiet practice tool without guitar playing sound, so you can’t tune or strum it like a real guitar.
  • GUITAR CHORD PRACTICE DEVICE:With a rotatable screen reserving the most commonly used chords inside can help guitar beginners/ students to develop muscle memory for chords and is a perfect tool for finger placement exercise.
  • PORTABLE POCKET GUITAR: A handy tool for guitar learners who still want to practice during trips instead of bringing the huge guitar when you are traveling, you can carry this compact device to keep up your daily practice.


    • Model: 6 String 6 Fret.
    • Main color: Black.
    • Material: Plastic, Wood, Steel.

    Package List:

    • 1 * Pocket Guitar.