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Customer Reviews:

"The quality and type of fishnet traps define the fun and efficiency of fishing. With the six side automaticsix-holes, the net allows for fishing small sea creatures. I use the net to catch crabs and crayfish with much ease, thanks to the reliable net holes. The addition of the folding trap makes it easy to catch all the baitfish. It is very easy to use even with kids since you open the fish net by just pulling the string. The net allows an all-around netting area promoting the number of baitfish you can catch at a time. The strength of the mesh is excellent and I can carry a lot of fish without worry of breakages. For portability purposes, the net-button works perfect to reduce the net size making it easy to carry to and from the lake. I would recommend this fish net for anyone who wants to catch the tiny creatures with ease, at an affordable price."
- Hugh M. Soares Seattle, WA ★★★★★

What is your favorite part of fishing?

If you’re like most people, you love catching more than anything else.

There’s nothing wrong with just relaxing and waiting for each individual fish to bite but it can be pretty boring and it’s incredibly inefficient if you plan on catching A LOT of fish.

If you’re the type of person who is looking to capture a couple dozen shrimp, eels, crabs, or even lobsters, you may be interested in this…

This here is a brand new device that is specifically designed to help you haul in loads of fish almost instantly.

Just by taking one glance at it, you can tell it is an innovative device.

It may even be a bit intimidating but don’t worry, because this fishing net is super easy to use and it’s light as a feather so you won’t even realize you’ve got it in your bag.


Once you’ve got it open, all that’s left to do is gently lower it into the water and wait until each of the 6 pockets is full of your favorite aquatic creatures.

With this net, you’ll never have to worry about any kind of wear and tear or a lack of durability.


The flexible and elastic nylon material keeps everything safe while the steel wire support system provided the solid construction that you need when you’re fishing for a good meal!



  • User-friendly and really easy to install. Simply pull on the string and watch the net spring into action. You can put this thing together in 30 seconds or less, no jokes!
  • The fishing net made of super high-quality materials and some nice durable nylon thread. It also has a steel wire skeleton that really keeps the entire thing strong and secure every single time.
  • This fishing net has been specifically designed for easy use, making it great for catching smelt, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp, and crawfish.
  • Special large zipper design for easy removal of the many different creatures!