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OutdoorCapitol™ Premium Flexi Adjustable Guitar Capo

OutdoorCapitol™ Premium Flexi Adjustable Guitar Capo Portable Alternative Tuning Guitar Capo Support Various Tuning Changing

Premium Flexi Capo can be used to mute selected strings to prevent string buzzing and ringing, which reduces feedback without losing tone. When using the gloves as mutes it’s possible to further define your open tunings. Open strings will sound harmonic, while fingered notes will sound as played. Because there is no strap behind the neck, the Premium Flexi Capo can attach anywhere on the fingerboard of your guitar.
  • A creative capo fits almost all the guitar fingerboards.
  • It is easy to operate, suitable for musical perform.
  • Support various tuning changing without detune your guitar.
  • Help to tune each string of guitar without affecting other strings.
  • Easy to play creative open chords.
  • Small and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry.
  • High quality warranty, excellent durability.
  • Color: Black
  • Item weight: 44G
  • Package weight: 71G
  • Item size: 9.8 * 3.3 * 1.8 CM
  • Package size: 18 * 13.5 * 3.6CM
Package Including:
  • 1 * Premium Flexi Capo