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OutdoorCapitol™ Premium Fishing Line Reel Spooler

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Introducing OutdoorCapitol™ Premium Fishing Line Reel Spooler

Getting the new portable aluminum fishing line reel spooler winder spool system tackle tool suction cup is a great way to start your fishing trip.  Made of high quality and durable aluminum, that's a fully adjustable line tension control.  It has an adjustable and multi rotate spool holder that will definitely help you avoid line twists.  Compact and lightweight, no difficulty in removing the installation and transferring to a new location.  The suction cup at the bottom can absorb on any smooth surface, thus making the spool more stable and effective while adjusting the tightness of the line.  With its fastening spring and clamping force size, relaxing and enjoying with both hands-free is now easy with the portable aluminum fishing line reel spooler.


  • Fully adjustable line tension control
  • Multi rotate spool holder, to avoid line twists
  • Compact and lightweight
  • With fastening springs and clamping force size


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Height: Approx. 5.5” (15cm)
  • Wide: Approx. 31” (14cm)
  • Bottom suction cup: 2.36 inches (6cm)
  • Weight: 130g