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OutdoorCapitol™ Premium Frog Lure Set [4 PCS]

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"I've caught two 3lb Bass so far with these. Items as described and arrived 2 weeks early. Cheers!"
- Steve H. ★★★★★

"Work good and the fish love them. Make a racket and stir up the water when retrieving them"
- James T. ★★★★★

"Purchased for my fiancee. Wonderful quality."
- Kelly Collins ★★★★★

"You will get the big ones"
- J Campbell ★★★★★


Product Description:

  • Lure Weight: 6.5g/piece
  • Lure Length: 9cm/3.54"
  • Hook: Single High Carbon Steel Hook
  • Package includes: 4 pieces lures
  • Soft and with smooth rapid diving action
  • Easy to use and also suitable for the freshman


  • Preimum Quality: Frogs Fishing Lures with premium-quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design.
  • Cool swimming action: TopwatFrogrog lures are soft and flexible, featuring rubber body lure, high-resolution body detail, life-like swimming actions in water.
  • This bait is made of super soft yet durable plastic that is made to easily collapse for a solid hookset, yet can withstand all the violent strikes it causes. NO bass can refuse this meal in front of them.
  • In open water the Frog can be easily worked in a walk-the-dog style and can be pulled over the thickest and heaviest matted vegetation you can find, without hesitation.