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OutdoorCapitol™ Premium Top Water Frogs [With Double Hooks]


  • For those looking to hit the weedy ponds, rivers and lakes, targeting trophy fish such as huge Barra, Saratoga, Bass, Yellow Belly, Sooties, and Murray Cod you really have to check out the Premium Top Water Frogs. Using a frog lure is a sure fire way to increase the interest from the ever elusive trophy fish.

  • They are a topwater lure which by default makes them an incredibly exciting lure to use. All abovementioned species attack surface prey like it is going out of fashion. The commotion and aerial antics are thrilling to watch, let alone being directly connected to the ferocious hunter.

  • Your Premium Top Water Frogs is very easy to use. The design mimics a swimming frog beautifully with the trailing skirt doing a mesmerizing job of acting like frogs legs. The colors are spectacular and they really do look like frogs. You will be completely fooled and the fish will have no idea at all. They are a floating topwater lure and so perfect for reeling across the weed beds where ambush predators such as Saratoga and Barra lay in waiting for dinner to be delivered. The hollow body is brilliant for working in heavy, messy cover. The hollow body also assists hooking as it collapses when the fish strikes making the pointy end far more prominent. The incredible detail and the anatomical accuracy are a couple of reasons the lure was so well received but the biggest, most impressive attribute is its performance chasing big fish on the water. It looks like a frog, swims like a frog and as far as the fish is concerned, it is a frog.



These amazing detail of the Bass Smasher Frogs fools even the wariest of bass!
  • Collapses upon bite for easier and better hook penetration making sure you never lose another bass!
  • Sits in the water like a real frog, and with its realistic body design, makes it irresistible for any bass.
  • Two high strength hooks give it excellent hooking action, and the "weedless" design makes sure it doesn't get stuck!

Product Description:

  • Weight: 0.4 oz (12 g)
  • Length: 2.4 inches (6 cm)
  • Swimming Depth: Topwater
  • Hook: High carbon steel hooks
  • Material: Soft Bait