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OutdoorCapitol™ Vibration Spinner Crank-bait

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Suitable for: Are you a fishing enthusiast who is looking forward to catching the biggest fish on your next fishing trip? If your answer is yes, then Vibration Spinner Crank-bait is perfect for you!

Amazing Features:

  • High Saltwater and Freshwater two purposes specialized in large simple and easy to use.
  • Laser Coating Colors (Don't Pain), never fade. 3D colors bionic fish reflective effect.

Premium Vibration Spinner Crank-bait: is made with a highly durable synthetic material that can withstand any environmental condition. Unlike other fishing baits from other brands, Vibration Spinner Crank-bait was created and patterned to look like a real fish. You will also be amazed at Vibration Spinner Crank-baits clever design; it is created with a lifelike fish scales and 3D eyes that highlight its realistic look. Another amazing feature of this product is the High Carbon Steel Treble Hook. This hook feature would prevent your big fish from escaping. These features combined together create the best spin-tail lure that you will surely love!

Catch The Biggest Fish Using Premium Vibration Spinner Crank-bait

The longer the lure stays in the strike zone of fishes, the bigger the chance that a massive fish will be attracted to it. 

It also has a High Carbon Steel Treble Hook feature that would prevent your big fish from releasing itself from your lure. What are you waiting for? Buy Vibration Spinner Crank-bait now and without a doubt, your fishing trip would be a success.

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*Note: With Pack offer, we will ship the colors randomly. Please leave a note in the order or contact us for preferred colors. Thank you.

Product Detail:

  • Lure Size: 22g / 35mm (0.78oz / 1.38in)
  • Depth: Sinking.
  • Type: VIB.
  • Hooks: VMC Hooks Equipped.